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BUCHEN Industrial Services

BUCHEN carries out all works in the reactor in a nitrogen atmosphere. The Life Support System (LSS) is used as a key component of the safety equipment necessary for this purpose

Reactor services

    • Reactor maintenance – replacement of catalytic converters

      • Spent catalysts must be removed from reactors. One of the methods to empty the reactor is vacuum unloading by using high-performance vacuum devices, including devices with nitrogen recirculation. We provide reactor loading services both using sock loading and dense loading. All work is performed in accordance with safety standards, also in inert atmosphere (nitrogen).

      Unloading spent catalyst

      • Depending on the type of reactor, the material can be drained by gravity using a discharge device placed on the reactor or drained through the head of the reactor using highperformance suction devices, equipped with an N2 cooling system and recirculation. Spent catalyst is packed in suitable containers and then processed directly on site.

      Loading reactors

      • Depending on specifications, we fill the reactors using sock loading or dense loading. In the case of sock loading, the catalyst and inert material are loaded in a way that ensures protection of the material through a special hose. In the case of dense loading, the rotation system causes an even loading of the catalyst in the reactor. The high density of the catalyst obtained this way prevents the formation of so-called hot spots.

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