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BUCHEN Industrial Services

BUCHEN Industrial Services Polska Sp. z o.o. is a leading company in the field of industrial maintenance services

Short introduction

BUCHEN Industrial Services Polska Sp. z o.o. constantly improves its services to meet all customer requirements. Our high quality equipment and high standards of safety are a guarantee of the best cleaning results, performing work in short terms and high flexibility at competitive prices.

  • Industrial cleaning

    • Our offer includes industrial cleaning, which we continuously improve and transform into highly specialized and automated services. These include cleaning of heat exchangers, air coolers, tanks, pipelines, columns, etc.

    Vacuum loading of waste

    • Our vacuum trucks, controlled using the pressure present in the tank, allow for quick and efficient removal of even the toughest of waste from hard to reach places or hazardous areas.

    Conventional power plants service

    • Many years of experience in performing services for the energy sector allows us to offer a range of solutions. We have the know-how in cleaning the heating surfaces of boilers, removing ash from the plenum space and ducts, cleaning condensers, settlers, electrostatic precipitators, coal bunkers and vacuuming the outer surface of boilers.

    Reactor services

      • Reactor maintenance – replacement of catalytic converters
      • Unloading spent catalyst
      • Loading reactors


    Cleaning and flushing of oil systems

    • The performance and reliability of oil systems of machines depends to a large extent on the cleanliness of oil and the installation. The removal of contaminants such as oil aging products, rust and metal filings directly contributes to a decrease in the wear of bearings, gears and seals and consequently to a reduction in the costs of repairs and improvement in work safety.

    Automated tank cleaning

    • BUCHEN uses a variety of automated cleaning processes for enclosed tanks, depending on the type and size of the tank, as well as the nature of the residue to be removed. This helps us to avoid using hazardous materials associated with manual cleaning.

    Sludge dewatering

    • BUCHEN has specialized technologies for sludge dewatering.

    Dry ice blasting technology

    • Dry ice blasting technology is an eco-friendly and cost-effective method used to prepare and clean surfaces. It is particularly suitable for removing deposits from metal parts and metal surfaces.

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