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BUCHEN Industrial Services

BUCHEN provides tank cleaning services using closed, lowemissionsystems that offer high product recovery rates

Automated tank cleaning

  • BUCHEN uses a variety of automated cleaning processes for enclosed tanks, depending on the type and size of the tank, as well as the nature of the residue to be removed. This helps us to avoid using hazardous materials associated with manual cleaning. The tank cleaning device has a modular design and is installed in containers - allowing for quick transport to the place of use.

    The tank cleaning system is based on a modular design. The main components of the system include suction and discharge modules as well as flushing and rotary nozzles, so-called jet washers. All elements are protected against explosion.

    Jet washers are installed using tubular guides of the previously disassembled support of the tank's roof. A special pipeline system with proven high-speed connections, as well as efficient filter packs supportthe cleaning method. Thanks to the closed cleaning process, the emission of hydrocarbons is greatly reduced, in contrast to the traditional, manual cleaning of tanks.

    Tanks can also be cleaned using a special water Manway Cannon. It generates a stream of water at arange of up to 40 m. The water cannon's working nozzle is controlled hydraulically and moves in two directions (horizontally and vertically) in the range above 1800. This system allows for cleaning the entire inner space of the tank, directing the washings toward the outlet ports. The use of a video camera with a spotlight on the water cannon allows for continuous remote monitoring of the cleaning process from the control station and its backup file (video file or image files).

    • Advantages of using the system:

      • Short cleaning time
      • Higher safety standard
      • Minimizing hydrocarbon emissions
      • Very high degree of recovery of hydrocarbons (e.g. crude oil)
      • Minimizing the residues in tanks and related disposal costs
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