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In addition to manual cleaning, we offer automated processes that impress not only with their high efficiency, but also from a safety perspective

Cleaning of tanks and columns

  • During the cleaning of tanks and columns, all impurities are removed from the inner surface by means of special heads fitted with a large number of various nozzles.

    The heads are connected to units generating a stream of water at a pressure up to 2500 bars and water flow rate up to 260 L/min. They work radially and axially, allowing for rational cleaning of tanks and columns. No need for personnel to enter into the tank significantly increases safety.

  • Entry in tanks, vessels or columns via manholes

Automated cleaning system of heat exchangers

  • The use of an automated system to clean the surface between and inside the heat exchanger tubes can significantly reduce downtime and minimize the losses of the system.

    A system for cleaning the inner surface of the heat exchanger tubes allows for cleaning five tubes simultaneously.

    Automated internal cleaning of heat exchanger bundles

Automated cleaning system of air coolers

  • Air coolers in power plants and incinerators are carefully and efficiently cleaned of impurities with an automated highpressure water jet procedure specially developed by BUCHEN

  • BUCHEN has created a special automated method for prudent and efficient high pressure cleaning of air cooler radiators. The guide system, combined with a slide, features from 15 to 30 nozzles. Its use permits cleaning of sensitive blades using a stream of water at a constant pressure (up to 200 bar) and angle, as well as the same distance. This method allows for removing even permanent impurities in hard to reach places.


  • The right combination of water pressure and tools allows for cutting a variety of materials. This method is most often used to hammer out poorly reinforced or mixed concrete, breaking up concrete that flooded channels, etc.

    • Advantages of this method:

      • Vibration-free cutting
      • No emission of dust and fumes harmful to health
      • No material changes due to thermal loading
      • No damage to reinforcement

      Excellent cleanliness is achieved without compromising sensitive blades thanks to the use of a nozzle collector.

    • The hydrodemolition process provides an excellent bondingsurface for repair material and new coating applications

Sewer service

  • The sewer service encompasses cleaning, inspection, leakage testing and remediation of contaminated, damaged or outdated sewer systems. Wide-ranging know-how, many years of experience, skilled specialists and special high-performance appliances ensure high-quality execution.

Drain, culvert and pipe cleaning

  • The efficient TV inspection vehicles are equipped with modern IT and camera equipment and are controlled by trained personnel

    The basis of all work done by the sewer service is thorough cleaning. The offering includes drain, siphon and pipe cleaning, as well as large and special profile cleaning and mains connection cleaning. Complicated long-leg drain cleaning up to 400 m is also possible. The latest technology guarantees efficient working:

      • Combined high-pressure washing and suction units; available with integrated water treatment on request
      • Mobile air conveyor units
      • Special appliances for milling away drain obstructions caused by encrustation, solid salt deposits or projecting branch connections

Drain inspection

  • The condition of the sewer or drainage system is precisely recorded and examined with the TV camera

  • First, the condition of the drain systems is accurately recorded using drain TV vehicles. The vehicles are equipped with the latest computer and camera technology and are operated by trained drain TV inspectors:

    • Explosion protected drain TV inspection vehicles
    • Portable, mobile camera systems
    • Mains connection satellite systems
    • Well camera

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