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BUCHEN Industrial Services

BUCHEN offers a wide and varied range of specialist services to clean and maintain industrial facilities and plant units. Other core fields of business in BUCHEN’s portfolio include managing hazardous waste as well as remediation and redevelopment work

About us

For several decades, BUCHEN has been a provider of high quality specialized services for the industry. Thanks to our decentralized structure with offices across Europe, we guarantee fast and flexible operation.

BUCHEN Industrial Services Polska Sp. z o.o. is a leading company in the field of industrial maintenance services. The range of services provided by the company includes hydrodynamic cleaning of industrial installations, such as cleaning of tanks, heat exchangers, pipelines, underground drainage, industrial boilers, etc.

The company has professional equipment used to successfully provide services in the field of vacuum loading of slurries, iron scale, ash, powders, liquids, hazardous materials and explosives, etc.

BUCHEN Industrial Services Polska Sp. z o.o has a lot of success and experience in every part of industry, especially in power section, chemical and petrochemical trade, metallurgy etc. We are able to equal every requirement of our clients.
Our main areas of activities are:

  • Hydrodynamic cleaning
  • Vacuum loading of waste
  • Services for conventional power plants
  • Automated tank cleaning system
  • Reactor maintenance - unloading and loading of catalyst
  • Cleaning and flushing of oil systems of machines and equipment
  • Sludge dewatering
  • Drain inspection

A strong network

  • As an expert partner to industry with approximately 2,700 employees, BUCHEN provides professional industrial services at over 70 locations in Germany, Europe and the Middle East

    BUCHEN Industrial Services Polska Sp. z o.o. is a subsidiary of BUCHEN UmweltService GmbH. Together with XERVON and its subsidiaries and affiliates, BUCHEN represents the specialised division "Industrial Services" within the REMONDIS Group. As a result, you can not only use the services of the individual companies to your advantage, but can also profit in particular from the comprehensive concepts for the most diverse topics relating to all aspects of production and maintenance. With guaranteed quality, extensive know-how and the very latest technology. The technical services of XERVON are the perfect complement to the service portfolio of BUCHEN, for example:

      • Structural maintenance
      • Maintenance
      • Surface technology
      • Scaffolding
      • Insulation
      • Pipeline construction

    REMONDIS – one of the world's largest service providers for recycling, service and water – operates morethan 800 offices and holdings in 33 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Working for the future

  • REMONDIS - one of the world's largest service providers for recycling, service and water - operates more than 800 offices and holdings in 33 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. The Group employs over 32,000 people, who carry out work on behalf of some 30 million citizens and for many thousands of companies. To the very highest standard. Working for the future.

    Beeing part of the REMONDIS Group, both BUCHEN and XERVON have access to the capacities of one of the world's largest recycling, service and water companies – a real advantage for our customers. The picture here shows REMONDIS´Lippe Plant in Lünen

Health & Safety – protecting human health and the environment

  • One of the outstanding features of our company is its extremelyhigh expectations regarding health, safety and environmentalstandards. Hazards, however, can only be avoided if you are awarethey actually exist. Our employees, therefore, regularly takepart in training courses to raise their awareness of safety andenvironmental issues. Their technical knowledge and workmanshipskills are continuously being developed and fine tuned in coursesheld at our own accredited training centre.

    An extract from our “Business Principles”

    • Environmental protection is an integral part of our work
    • Environmental laws and regulations are the minimum standard our company aims to achieve
    • Our never-ending goal is to reduce air, ground and water pollution; it goes without saying that we use our resources sparingly
    • We strengthen our environmental expertise by regularly participating in training courses and actively sharing information with others
    • We openly discuss our work with the public, authorities, customers and employees to further cement their trust in our operations
    • We ensure our QHSE standards are complied with at all times by monitoring our branch and facility operations ourselves as well as by working constructively with our customers and the authorities
  • Our training and further training programmes ensure our employees have access to the latest developments in their field

Adhering to the principle of fairness

  • Responsibility and honesty are the cornerstones of our company culture. No matter what country or field of business we are active in, our actions are always oriented towards legal regulations and ethical and moral principles. Our business activities are based on our Corporate Compliance Guidelines and our management teams and employees are obliged to adhere to these. This comprehensive Code of Conduct defines all relevant subject matters and applies to both BUCHEN as well as to all other companies in the REMONDIS Group.

  • Additional information:

    The compliance guidelines of our corporate group are available for download as PDF
    English version
    French version
    Dutch version


BUCHEN Industrial Services Polska Sp. z o.o. // A company of the REMONDIS Group
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