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Dry ice blasting – a useful and cost-effective alternative to conventional cleaning systems such as high pressure water jetting or sandblasting

Dry ice blasting technology

    • Dry ice blasting technology is an eco-friendly and cost-effective method used to prepare and clean surfaces. It is particularly suitable for removing deposits from metal parts and metal surfaces. In principle, this process can remove any material that is sensitive to changes in temperature. This includes paints, varnishes, glues, oils, wax, bitumen, plastic deposits and plastic foam.

      Dry ice blasting technology makes the most of the thermal and kinetic energy of the pellets which loosen the deposits and make them brittle

    • For you to browse through: our flyer on our dry ice blasting technology as a PDF file

    The chain links, clogged up with oil and fat, are as good as new after they have been cleaned with our dry ice blasting system

The process – cleaning with dry ice

  • For this method, dry ice pellets made from frozen carbon dioxide (-79°C) are blasted at the surface at very high speed. The very most is made of the thermal and kinetic energy of the pellets: the surface is cooled down (thermal) causing the coating or the deposit to contract which is then destroyed (kinetic). 

  • The deposits are removed from the surface as a result of the pellets suddenly changing from a solid state into vapour

Dry ice blasting – areas of use

  • Dry ice blasting can be used to clean: 

    • Tools and equipment parts
    • Moulds, containers and tanks
    • Caps, dryers and ventilation units
    • Filling, production and mixing facilities
    • Switchgears and insulators
    • Motors, generators and turbines
    • Conveyor rollers and belts
    • Hot moulds and tiles 

    Moreover, scale and slag can be removed with dry ice blasting technology as well as coal and fatty residue.

  • Paints and other coatings can be removed using this material-friendly system

The advantages of this method

  • Dry ice blasting technology is a useful and cost-effective alternative – especially for plant parts that are extremely difficult to clean with traditional cleaning systems such as UHP water jetting or sandblasting. It has a number of advantages:

    • A non-abrasive blasting method
    • No residue from the pellets, no secondary waste
    • Can be used on electrical systems (switched off)
    • No assembly/disassembly necessary
    • Increases levels of health & safety and fire protection
    • Eco-friendly
    • No harmful gases are released
    • Safe and non-toxic
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