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BUCHEN Industrial Services Polska Sp. z o.o.

BUCHEN excels at its work thanks to the innovative technology it deploys. Our specialists also develop novel technical solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers as well as optimise technical applications and processes

Technology for everyone and for every need

BUCHEN Industrial Services Polska Sp. z o.o. has its own large fleet of machines and vehicles such as high-pressure pumps and cleaners, vacuum loaders, combined vehicles, portable electric vacuum cleaners and specialised accessories.

Vacuum loaders

  • Vacuum loaders are used for removing (vacuum loading) of dust as well as solid, semi-liquid and liquid substances. They can also be used for handling hazardous substances.

    • Technical data
      Maximum negative pressure 9,700 mm/WS
      Air flow ca. 8,100 m3/h
      Collecting tank 14 m3

      Vehicles with tanks that are able to hold up to 14.5m3

High-pressure pumps

  • BUCHEN Industrial Services Polska owns several pumping engines which generate a water stream under a pressure of up to 3,000 bar and which have working power of up to 450 kW.

    • Technical data
      Maximum power 450 kW
      Maximum pressure 3,000 bar
      Maximum water flow 200 l/min

      Vehicles with tanks that are able to hold up to 14.5m3

Combined vehicules

  • Road tankers with vacuum or high-pressure pumps are used for loading and transporting liquid substances and sludge as well as for cleaning sewage systems, separators, settling tanks, etc.

    • Technical data
      Sludge tank 10 m3
      Maximum pressure 200 bar
      Maximum water flow 460 l/min
      Air flow ca. 1,500 m3/h

      Vehicles with tanks that are able to hold up to 10 m3

Automated system for cleaning heat exchanger inserts

  • The automated system is used for cleaning the external and internal surface of the piping of shell and tube heat exchanger inserts.

    • Technical data
      Maximum pressure 1,200 bar
      Maximum water flow 250 l/min
    • Ensuring optimal heat transfer requires flawless cleaning of the heat exchangers

Industrial vacuum cleaners

  • Vacuum cleaners are supplied with three-phase current. Their suction power allows them to draw even heavy materials over long distances. These cleaners may be used in explosion-hazard areas.

    • Technical data
      Maximum negative pressure 440 mbar
      Air flow 1,140 m3/h
      Collecting tank 0,15 m3/h
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